Wednesday, July 04, 2018

Police Seize The Statue Of Liberty Climber

Police have snatched a woman wearing a 'Rise and Resist' t-shirt who climbed the Statue of Liberty on Independence Day and stayed there for two hours shortly after seven people were arrested for unfurling an 'Abolish ICE' banner.

Police on ladders spoke to the woman just after 4.30pm but she refused to come down, so officers constructed a rope rescue system to remove her from the 89-feet high granite pedestal against her will.

At 6.30pm, they were seen grabbing the woman before attaching her to the ropes and leading her around the base of the iconic landmark and down a ladder before taking her off the island in handcuffs.

Earlier she was seen waving around a t-shirt saying 'Rise and Resist' and 'Trump Care Makes Us Sick' as up to 4,500 tourists were evacuated from Liberty Island. Rise and Resist was formed in New York as a response to Trump's election in 2016.

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