Friday, April 20, 2018

Pedestrians Tackle Knife-Carrying Cyclist Fleeing Police

This dashcam video shows the moment two members of the public tackled a man, said to have been carrying a hunting knife, as he was fleeing police on a bicycle in central Cardiff, Wales, on April 15.

The footage, captured by Andy Brown as he was stopped at a red light on Castle Street, first shows police vehicles passing Brown’s vehicle, moving in the opposite direction. Moments later, a cyclist appears in front of Brown’s car and is immediately shoved off the bike by a pedestrian in a blue jacket.

The cyclist gets to his feet and tries to run away but is then chased by two other members of the public. A fourth man tackles the cyclist a second time, making him fall to the ground again. The cyclist is then surrounded – by the two men who chased him and the second man who tackled him – and a police vehicle rushes in, and the cyclist is arrested.

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