Friday, April 20, 2018

Grandmother Grabs Child as Bear Enters Garden

A grandmother had to quickly grab her granddaughter after a brown bear was spotted running through their backyard.

Missy Hawes said she noticed something was wrong when she saw her granddaughter, Blake Massie, staring off at something while they were playing on the porch Monday evening.

At first, Hawes only thought she saw 'brown fluff movement' in her Altadena, California, backyard,

But then video footage shows a brown bear run by the porch, less than 10 feet away from the grandmother and her granddaughter. 

In the home security video, Hawes screams before she quickly grabs her granddaughter and pulls her inside. 'I think she was more frightened when I screamed than actually seeing the bear, because the bear made no noise whatsoever,' she said to the news station.

The bear is seen running across the backyard without paying much attention to the pair on the home's porch.  

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