Wednesday, March 14, 2018

That's One Way to Deal with Bad Parking!

This is the astonishing moment an exasperated driver cuts off the corner of someone else's car so he can fit in the parking space next to it

Hilarious footage from Russia shows a man getting an angle grinder from the boot of his black people carrier and walking over to another car.

Furiously stomping across the snow-covered car park the man takes the power tool and starts cutting off the corner of a white vehicle parked across two spaces.

With sparks flying everywhere he explains to a bewildered passer-by why he has resorted to such drastic measures.

After successfully sawing through the metal, he breaks the piece off by hand and throws it onto the ground. The clip, filmed in an unknown location in Russia, then cuts to the driver reversing his vehicle into the gap he created.

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Anonymous said...

I think that this was staged. Note the snow under the white car. It seems that the car was pushed into position.