Thursday, March 15, 2018

Pesach in the Raleigh Hotel

The Raleigh Hotel is a legendary resort that was acquired by new management in 2005, and underwent comprehensive renovations and upgrades, raising it to the highest contemporary standards. Situated in the heart of the Catskills, within close distance of all area communities and attractions,

the Raleigh is the perfect venue for a personal, family or group getaway. Its sprawling 200 acre grounds are filled with luscious greens, playgrounds and recreational fields, enveloping you in a world of serenity and pleasure. Spacious guest facilities, comfortable rooms and ample parking ensure your optimum comfort and convenience. Delicious kosher food, served in several beautiful dining rooms, will make every meal an experience of its own.

The Raleigh is particularly friendly to families and groups. Guests of all ages will enjoy a welcoming atmosphere with personalized service, as well as a large swimming pool, 24 hour tea room, and other amenities.

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