Thursday, January 18, 2018

Child Soloist Yoli Glick, Shira Choir at Epic Bar Mitzvah

The renowned heart and warmth of Lubavitch Chassidus were the catalyst for three deeply inspiring moments at the Epic Bar Mitzvah of the Century 

It began with a moving and meaningful ceremony as Leizer wrapped his tefillin on Marc Haskell, CEO of Maritime Parc.  It was the first time Marc had worn tefillin in forty years.

Moishele Holtzberg, the young survivor of the terrorist attack in Mumbai, joined his first cousin Leizer on the stage.  There was not a dry eye in the house, as the crowd acknowledged the pain, sacrifice and inspiring strength of these two young heroes. 

Then came a heart melting performance by child soloist Yoli Glick, accompanied by the famous Shira Choir and Mendy Herskowitz’s fabulous Sabab band.  The emotion was palpable as Yoli’s pure voice rang out, beseeching the One Above for the arrival of Moshiach.  

All this and more was orchestrated by Isaac Leider of VitalOne, Architect and Director of the epic Bar Mitzvah of the Century.

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