Sunday, October 08, 2017

Epic Bar Mitzvah

Leizer Galperin’s Bar Mitzvah of the Century, which took place at Maritime Parc on Monday August 7th, was not just a Bar Mitzvah.  It was not simply an elaborate event.  It wasn’t just a party attended by many of the most celebrated Jewish entertainers today. It was much more than the sum of its part.

It was the ultimate display of absolute goodness; from the part of the inimitable Event Architect and Director, Isaac Leider of VitalOne, to the unaffiliated Jew who agreed to wrap tefillin in front of a huge audience for the first time in forty years. In between there was a marching band, a helicopter fly-over, a Navy seal presentation, a boat, two limousines, fireworks and more, all accompanied by the ultimate in Jewish catering and cuisine.

Thousands of Jews across the globe have been moved by the plight of young Leizer, a now 13-year-old Israeli who was severely burned over 85% of his body at the tender age of 5.  Isaac first encountered the Galperin family when his organization, VitalOne, successfully transported Leizer from Israel to Shriners Hospital in Cincinnati, the preeminent pediatric burn center in the world, for life saving surgery and care.  Since that time, Isaac has developed a strong bond with Leizer and his family.

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