Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Tishrei Medley - Sababa, Mendy Hershkowitz, Shira Choir

SABABA proudly presents its First official video titled the Tishrei Medely ,  שירים היוצאים מן הלב - Songs from the heart.

A collaboration by Sheya Mendlowitz and Mendy Hershkowitz , performed by Shira Choir and SABABA Band!

Many might ask , what was so special about this medley that it should  be our debut video?

This medley was performed twice before Rosh Hashana. The crowd's response made the decision easy. A slow set doesn’t usually elicit this type of reaction but as soon as the first note was played, every table joined together to sing along with an incredible energy and a emotional  spirit.

This is SABABA.

A new year brings with it a new sound, a new Band and a new clip.

The SABABA Family pledges to produce ,promote and most of all , preserve ,our rich  Jewish musical heritage ,which is SABABA.

What is SABABA? This is SABABA!

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