Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Israeli Police Scuffle with Chareidim In Meah Shearim

YW - Six people were arrested in Meah Shearim on Tuesday morning, after police arrived to raid an office.

Police say they arrived at a building on Chevra Shas Street in Meah Shearim armed with a court-signed search warrant. They were met with a group of people who protested their entry. It appears this office is a location where people go to receive help with obtaining draft deferments.

Police raided the office and confiscated computers and files. Before the raid was over, dozens of Chareidim ended up in violent confrontations with police. Stones, garbage and other items were thrown at police, who arrived in riot gear to try and disperse the crowd. 6 people were taken into custody. It is unknown if they were inside the office, or they were arrested because of the Hafganah.

The raid took place at precisely the same time that a soldier dressed as a Charedi was walking in Meah Shearim causing many people to yell and protest his presence. Additionally, there was a minor protest at an IDF induction center in the area, as a yeshiva Bochur was reportedly arrested. He has since been released. Residents claim that police orchestrated the two other incidents at the same time to minimize the number of people who would be able to protest the raid of the office of Chevra Shas Street.

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