Sunday, August 20, 2017

Freilach Wedding Introduction - Skillet Cover

From our new #FreilachFanfares series, watch our latest wedding introduction, performed live at a recent wedding with a full orchestra by Freilach.

The double-intro originally performed by Skillet — was requested by the family and was re-written and produced especially for this wedding.

#FreilachFanfares is a new series where we bring you videos of the newest Freilach wedding introductions welcoming the Chosson and Kallah as they come in to celebrate and dance with their friends and family for the first time as husband and wife all customized by request of the wedding party.

Originally performed by: Skillet
Music by: Freilach Band/Avrumi Schreiber
Arranged & Notated by: Avremi G
Conducted by: Tzvi Blumenfeld
Mixed by: Chaim Gottesman
Live Sound by: SolveTech
Live Sound Engineer: Ilya Lishinsky
Live production by: JME Live
Stage Manager: Moti Friedman
Video by: Motty Engel

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