Monday, July 10, 2017

Safe Falls On Man, Extricated Unscratched

DNAinfo - A worker was beaming when he wriggled free from a massive safe he'd been trapped in for about 30 minutes after it fell on him in a Brooklyn yeshiva Monday morning, video shows.

Staff at Yeshiva of Machzikai Hadas at 1350 39th St., near 14th Avenue, had removed the base of a large safe and the Torahs contained inside so they could move it Monday, witnesses said.

A worker, whose name wasn't immediately released, opened a door to the safe which then started to tip about 10:30 a.m., according to witnesses and an FDNY spokesman.

"He saw he doesn't have time to run," said David Friedman, 20, who works at the yeshiva.

"He went inside like a turtle," Friedman added.

FDNY crews with Engine 282 and Ladder 148 came and surrounded the safe, talking to the man inside the entire time, video shows.

"He was communicating with the members [of the FDNY]. He was a little scared, but in good spirits. He knew we were there to get him out. We reassured him," said Lieutenant Richard Cannon of Engine 282.

The crews wedged pieces of wood to "secure the safe so it didn't move any further," Cannon said.

They then pulled the metal door that'd been trapped under the safe to make room for the man underneath, Cannon said. "After the members stabilized the safe, we proceeded to try to get the victim out, said Cannon, a 16-year member of the FDNY.

"We were able to reach in and pull the victim out," he added.

In dramatic video shot by witnesses, the man can be seen clearly beaming with a wide grin as he stands up safely. "He did jump up fairly quickly. He was a little shaken up. He did have a couple bumps and bruises on him, Cannon said.

Apart from being jostled, the man seemed otherwise OK, witnesses said.

"He was smiling, but his hand was shaking," Friedman said.

He went to the hospital by Hatzolah, a private ambulance service, FDNY officials said.


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