Thursday, June 22, 2017

Refoeinu - Yaldei ft. MBD, Mendy H. & Zimra Choir

What a memorable & emotional event this year at the grand Yaldei dinner in Montreal.

Here is one of the highlights of the event with the king of jewish music MBD with the phenomenal music arranger & director Mendy Hershkowitz combined with the unique and talented zimra Choir producing this heartfull song "Refuainu"

The song goes back to the 90's when Yerachmial Bigun, composer and director of the Miami Boys Choir" performed this song at a HASC concert together with MBD. Now the success replayed when MBD chose it to be the theme of the yaldei event.

Yaldei (Canada) is a non-profit early intervention center, school, and therapy center. We help children with developmental challenges reach their full potential!

A Quality Entertainment Production
Vocals: Mordechai Ben David - MBD
Arranged & Directed: Mendy Hershkowitz
Choir: Zimra
Band: Shearim (Montreal)
Mix: Sonic Duo Productions
Video: Neuman

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful, thanks for sharing, is there anymore videos from this event