Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Mendel Roth - Mincha - Music Video

“Mincha” is based on the idea expressed by the Besht regarding the Yid who stands in the marketplace, busy with his livelihood, who has seemingly forgotten his Creator. But when shkiya approaches he sighs, “Oy, what will be with mincha?” and runs to daven, even alone, and even without fully concentrating. The Besht explains that that sigh that emanated from deep within his heart rises straight to heaven.

Reb Mendel, is a tenth generation descendant of the Baal Shem Tov, founder of Chassidus. He believes that Chassidus has declined and stagnated in the past generation, and the movement needs to be rejuvenated and revived with new content and spirit. “The time has come to return to the true sources.” Ideas like independent spiritual searching, self actualization and using your talents fully, going back to nature, seeing kedusha in the beauty of creation, in art, music and even in technology and media – while using them wisely and correctly – reflect, in his opinion, the true continuation of Chassidus that revealed the Aibishter’s light in the world in all of the reality and creations.

He composed the song “Mincha” while in Boro Park. “I walked into a grocery store and heard the storekeeper ask his friend in Yiddish, ‘Until what time can I still daven mincha...?’ I went out into the street and sang the new song to myself.” When he met his friend, Eli Shprei, a member of the Shira choir and responsible for the song’s vocal arrangements, they decided to record the tune, arranged and produced by Chesky Breuer and Mendy Hershkowitz, together with the Shira choir.

On the way, Reb Mendel sang the song to the famous singer Shloime Gertner who connected with it on the spot and even named his new album Mincha after it. Shalom Eisenbachwho served as consultant and guide for the famous Shtisel series, is responsible for the clip production.

Music, lyrics, and singer: Mendel Roth
Voices: Shira Choir
Song production and vocal arrangements: Eli Shprei
Musical arrangements: Chesky Breuer – Mendy Hershkowitz
Mixed by: Yaniv Balas
Production: Shalom Eisenbach
Screenplay: Ariel Cohen
Directed by: Alex Osmolovsky
Editor: Benny Shklovsky

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