Tuesday, December 27, 2016

"Chanukkah Oh Chanukkah" & More Chanukah Music

Oorah’s Chanuka event for its families was available on live-stream for everyone to enjoy Monday night! Featuring Benny Friedman, NYBC and special guests. Including special Oorah programming, games, and Ask the Rabbi live with Rabbi Chaim Mintz.

"Chanukkah oh Chanukkah"sung by the Boys Town Jerusalem choir in Jerusalem on the Boys Town Jerusalem campus. Boys Town Jerusalem is a high school in Jerusalem, Israel which has over 900 boys from grades 7 to grade 12 and a 2 year post high school engineering program. Once the boys graduate they continue on to enlist in the IDF. More than 75% of the boys come from economically disadvantaged backgrounds and require substantial scholarship assistance. No student is ever turned away from Boys Town Jerusalem due to inability to pay tuition.

Yevanim - David Taub - הזמר דייויד טויב מגיש טעימה מתוך אווירת החנוכה בחצר הקודש ויז׳ניץ

Haneiros Hallalu - Yo Aisenstark composer of Tov Lehodos - New Song - New Chanuka Song from Yo Aisenstark of Tov Lehodos Fame

ר' יואל ראטה - א' מקץ תשע''ז - הנרות הללו - R' Yoel Roth

A Maccabeats Chanukah Show! The Orthobox: "Check out my trip to Denver, CO with the world renowned acapella group, the Maccabeats."

44 CANDLE MAGIC -By Erez Cohen

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