Friday, December 30, 2016

Chanukah News & Entertainment Part 2

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Miracles do happen - Dedicated to Bonei Olam

The Holiday Onesie - From comedian MeirKay: "I'm a onesie guy. I just love em! They're just so easy you know? One peice, zip them up, you're ready to go and do anything. It's like you're being hugged all the time! For awhile now I've had the same 3 onesies so it was time to get a new one, well, that's what my dear mother thought! PS: This was not sponsored by Macy's. They just happened to be carrying this awesome oneise"

Little Boy is Confused - 'What is Chanukah Gelt?'

Chabad Meorah parade in Philadelphia.

Car Menorah Parade 2016 - Some 500 people joined Chabad of the Space & Treasure Coasts for the annual car menorah parade, Brevard's largest Chanukah celebration on Tuesday, December 27, 2016. The event began at Chabad and was followed by a grand menorah lighting, music, dancing and live acrobatic show by the Powerskips. Satellite Beach, FL.

Happy Chanukah and happy New Year from Lipa Schmeltzer.

Kosher cookbook author Susie Fishbein Making Chanukah Treats on CBS 2 NY local news.

Chanukah at the Nets 5777

Chabad Odessa Chanukah Mannequin Challenge

Jew in the City - 8 Crazy Nights of Chanukah Cheese Pairings: Night 4 - For the third night of Chanukah, Chef Isaac at Pomegranate showed us  fresh mozzarella with semi-dried cherry tomatoes and olive oil drizzle.

Taking a Minhag too Far - A holy Minhag where the crowd is meant to distract the one lighting the Menorah in Shul, seems to be taken a but too far by these children.

A video from 2014, where again people seem to be taking the towal throwing Minhag a bit too far

Funny Chanukkah Party Game Fail

Car Menorah Parade On Eastern Parkway - Chanukah 5777

Car Menorah Parade - Chanukah 5777

West Coast Chanukah Angels featured on KABC

8 Crazy Nights of Chanukah Cheese Pairings: Night 5 - For the fifth night of Chanukah, Chef Isaac at Pomegranate showed us provolone with green olive tapenade

8 Crazy Nights of Chanukah Cheese Pairings: Night 6

Mir Alumni Chanukah party in Lakewood

Chanukah Festival at the Harbor 2016 - a shipment of snow arrives.

Chanukah Menorah Car parade in Florida with luxury cars Rolls Royce Bentley Lamborghini

This Year's Chanukah Light Show on the Old City Walls

Chabad of midtown

Children honored at Mamilla Lighting - Kinderlach band

Chanukah in Pittsburgh

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