Sunday, September 18, 2016

Freilach, Dudi Kalish & Yedidim "Amar Reb Akiva"

At the recent RCCS Gala Dinner in Monroe, Freilach Band and Yedidim Choir joined by the famous Composer, Singer & Conductor Dudi Kalish from Israel performing the song Amar Reb Akiva off the Album Yedidim 2 which was released the past winter.

Song composed & Arranged by: Dudi Kalish
Notation by: Nachmen Dreyer

Freilach Band:
Keyboard & Synth: Yaniv Taubenhouse
Drums: Avrumi Schreiber
Bass: Shloime Spielman
Guitar: Nachmen Dreyer

Mixed by: Tzvi Blumenfeld @ Bluerythm Studios NY
Video by: Neumann Media - MD Neumann
Post Production: Shmily Spira

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