Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Bartender Pours 17 Jagerbombs at Once

This talented barman has put most people's party tricks to shame and even broken a world record.

Philip Traber has shown off his talents by creating a 'Jägertrain' in an amazing trick that sees him piling up a whopping 17 glasses into a tower, filling them with Jägermeister and skillfully pouring them into shot glasses which then fall perfectly into the waiting cups full of Red Bull.

The record-breaking stunt was pulled off at a bar in Dusseldorf, Germany - beating Traber's previous record of 14 glasses.

Impressive footage shows him stacking up empty glasses in front of a row of 17 glasses filled with red bull with shot glasses perched on each, ready to become Jägerbombs - a popular party drink in which shot of the German spirit Jägermeister is plopped into a larger glass of Red Bull.

He then carefully pours the powerful digestif into the edge of each of the glasses without spilling a single drop. Traber proceeds to manoeuver the 'snake'  - as such lengths of alcohol are sometimes known - until it's horizontally held above the row of balanced shot glasses - again keeping the liquid safely inside.

Slowly but surely he empties the Jägermeister perfectly into the shot glasses which are all precisely positioned.

As he reaches the end of the row he slightly taps the final shot glass which sets off a domino effect as all the shots fall effortlessly into their respective quantity of red bull with a small splash - the perfect Jägerbomb.

The crowds erupt in excitement as he executes the amazing trick - cheering and clapping in jubilation as a friend rushes up to to Traber to congratulate him, grabbing hold of his head and shaking it as he roars in elation.

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