Thursday, July 28, 2016

13-year-old NJ Boy Reels in 200 Pound Shark

A 13-year-old boy caught a 200-pound shark while fishing on a New Jersey beach earlier this week. Gianni Mandile and his dad, Joe, were fishing along Long Beach Island when Gianni felt a strong pull on his line, WABC-TV reported. Joe told WABC-TV he thought his son had hooked a stingray.

"As the wave curled, he saw the silhouette of the shark in the wave, and he said, 'Dad it's big, it's a big shark,'" Mandile told the news station. The two worked to reel the shark closer to shore and Joe managed to pull the shark to the beach. A family friend helped remove the hook from the shark. After taking a few photos, they released the shark back into the ocean. "All my friends, I've caught bigger fish than them, so it's kind of good," Gianni told WABC-TV.

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