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ליצר משפחת היצרי, לשלם
, משפחת השלמי, לתחני משפחת התחני

Whatever we understand in our minds What's right or wrong... We find a hundred rayos proving that our way of thinking is the right way.

It's as if there's a "law of provability"
It says "If you want something, you will find ample proof to support yourself"

R Mechele Zlotchiver has an amazing observation in these words

ליצרי -
If you are looking to follow your Yetzer
משפחת היצרי -
You"ll find yourself with loads of 'families' of Support to get there

לשלם -
When you want to serve God in everything in the world בשלימות
משפחת השלמי -
you'll find families of support for that path

לתחני -
If your path is through תחנונים
משפחת התחני
You"ll find support to help you achieve that as well

Everybody can prove that their way of living is the true way. and they are so right - They takeh have proof. But so do you.

What ultimately matters is to make a inner cheshbon hanefesh to know what is the driving force behind me...?
What am I searching for....?
Where am I heading to... ?

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