Thursday, May 19, 2016

Weather Observer Attempts to Stand in 100 MPH Winds

A man braved below-freezing temperatures at the top of Mount Washington - only for a powerful gust of wind to send him flying through the skies of New Hampshire.

Mount Washington, which is part of the Presidential Range, is the tallest peak in the northeast of the US, standing at 6,288 feet.

It seems stuck in an eternal winter - and visitors who climb to the top are usually met with cold temperatures and chilly winds even during warmer seasons.

Weather observers Mike Dorfman and Tom Padham  can be seen stepping out on Monday for a brief high-flying break, in a video published by the Mount Washington Observatory.

Temperatures at the top of Mount Washington reached 26.2 degrees on Tuesday at 6,288 feet and 29.6 at 5,300 - both below the freezing threshold.

Winds had reached 109 mph by the time the two men stepped out on Monday.

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