Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Funeral of Satmar President Yitzchok Rosenberg

Thousands of men, women and children turned out this morning in Williamsburg to pay their respects to the president of the Satmar congregation, Reb Yitzchok Rosenberg, who died tragically yesterday in Miami.

The 67 year old Rosenberg was one of two men who drowned after being caught by a riptide while swimming at an unattended beach. 66 year old Kiryas Joel resident Chaim Parnes was the second fatality in yesterday’s tragic events.

The streets around Congregation Yetev Lev were jammed with mourners who came to honor Rosenberg, a noted philanthropist and a pillar of the Satmar community, who was also a successful businessman and real estate developer.

After the funeral in Williamsburg was completed, Rosenberg was taken to Kiryas Joel, where thousands more waited to pay their final respects before burial in the Satmar cemetery.

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