Monday, May 02, 2016

Holocaust Survivors Get Bar Mitzva At Western Wall

Fifty Holocaust survivors who never got to celebrate their Bar Mitzva because of the horrors of World War II got a chance to do so Monday in Jerusalem.

Many of the participants said it had never occurred to them to participate in the ceremony, until they were encouraged to do so by the organizing agency.

Monday's mass ceremony was conducted at Jerusalem's Western Wall,

The event "symbolizes revenge against the Nazi oppressors, in the form of a return to Jewish tradition and proof that 'it is never too late,'"

The foundation in charge of the Jewish holy site said that more than 1,100 survivors who were 13 during World War II and unable to hold the ceremony amid the horrors of the Holocaust, have participated in such mass bar mitzvahs during the past four years.

Israel marks Holocaust Remembrance Day from sunset Wednesday to sunset Thursday this year.

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