Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Ari Goldwag - Me'ein - Shabbos - Cappella Music Video

Ari Goldwag & Sheves Chaverim are back with another great music video - only this time without the music! Only their voices (and claps!) appear in this great Shabbos song - Me'ein.

Ari is on his way home on Friday afternoon, while the Sheves Chaverim boys are back at home preparing the table for Shabbos. Will Ari get home in time for kiddush? Join them on a fun and heartwarming adventure.

Filmed in Beit Shemesh, Israel

Executive Producer: Aderet Music
Me'ein composed by Shoshana Weiner and Ari Goldwag
Arranged and performed by Ari Goldwag & Sheves Chaverim
Off the album: A Cappella Soul 3

Video concept: Ari Goldwag
Video production & cinematography: Yirmiyahu Vann (Vann Visuals)
Script by Ari Goldwag, Yirmiyahu Vann, Leib Chaim Krainess and Yonah Klein

First drop off: Yoni Palmer
Late-for-Shabbos dad: Ari Goldwag
Nervous son: Moshe Dov Goldwag
Breslovers: Themselves
Shabbos helpers: Tziporah & Tehilla Goldwag
Roller-blading Chosid: R' Baruch Z'ev Olenick

Sheves Chaverim members: Moshe Dov Goldwag, Avi Rubin, Eliyahu & Yedidya Schneider

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Gruntiger said...

It really bothers me that they missed a pivotal part of the shabbos table and of a jewish home; the wife/mother. Flat out wrong because who would feel the mossed nervous and get the most stressed out over the head-of-household not coming home in time for shabbos? the wife!!