Sunday, January 03, 2016

Yisroel Adler & Shira Choir - Haleli

Enjoy rising star Yisroel Adler and Shira Choir and a rich rhythmic orchestra playing a beautiful waltz composed by the world famous Chasidic composer R' Yankel Talmud Z"L. Gorgeously rewritten, arranged and conducted by Tzvi Blumenfeld in honor of the annual Dinner of Mir Yerushalaim which took place at the Ateres Golda Ballrooms in Boro Park, Brooklyn.

Yaakov Dov (Yankel) Talmud (18 December 1885 – October 1965) was a Hasidic composer of Jewish liturgical music and choirmaster in the main synagogue of the Gerrer Rebbes both in Ger, Poland, and in Jerusalem, Israel. Known as "the Beethoven of the Gerrer Rebbes", he composed dozens of new melodies every year for the prayer services, including marches, waltzes, and dance tunes. Though he had no musical training and could not even read music, Talmud composed over 1,500 melodies.

Production by: Blue Rhythm Label
Lead Vocalist: Yisroel Adler
Choir: Shira Choir
Music Arranged and Conducted by: Tzvi Blumenfeld
Project Manager: Heshy Kaufman
Song Composed by: R' Yankel Talmud Z"L
Live Sound and Recording: SolveTech Productions
Audio Post Production: Tzvi Blumenfeld
Video Filmed and Edited by: Motty Engel

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Anonymous said...

They forgot to mention that this is a dovid werderger song that he brought out to the world, with out him nobody would know this niggun, and its sung exactly like he sings it just he does not sing with the regesh and high nots that r dovid sings with.