Monday, January 04, 2016

New Hamas Footage of Gilad Shalit in Captivity

Nearly 10 years after falling into Hamas captivity, new images of former IDF Corporal Gilad Schalit are emerging as part of the latest propaganda campaign by the Palestinian Islamist organization.

In a new clip which aired on Hamas-run television, the organization pays homage to the armed operatives who held Schalit captive in Gaza for up to five years before the prisoner swap that the group agreed upon with the Israeli government.

After 5 Years: Gilad Schalit Back in Israel

Gilad Schalit Recites Hagomel

The images show an emaciated Schalit dining with his captors. In one scene, the Israeli is seen turning over a plate of meat as he helped prepare a barbecue.

The video appears to be a continuation of an earlier clip released by Hamas last week showing images and details concerning the abduction.

According to the clip, the last of the five Hamas members, who held Schalit in Gaza after his abduction, who allegedly died last week in a tunnel collapse along the Egypt border.

According to the information released by the armed wing of Hamas, Izzadin Kassam, all five members of Hamas who were holding Schalit in the Gaza Strip after his abduction have died.

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