Thursday, September 24, 2015

Wake Up! Music Video by Child Soloist M. Lazaroff

Composed, Lyrics & Performed by Mendel Lazaroff in loving memory of Mendel Cotlar, o.b.m.
Arrangement & Studio by Eli Pinto
Music Video Produced by Robert Reed
Directed by Rabbi Chaim Lazaroff

Mendel Lazaroff started his music experience with piano, toyed with the flute, but came back playing seriously with the piano. He composed this song shortly after his good friend Mendel Cotlar's passed away, on Tuesday, Oct. 7, 2014. Actually, any kid who knew him, considered him his good, if not best, friend. This happened only a few weeks after his bar-mitzvah when he had unexpected complications of GSD-1A, a metabolic disease. Mendel's younger brother, Aryeh, also has GSD and I hope we can find a cure!

A highlight of Mendel Cotlar's Bar Mitzvah speech was when he discussed the short prayer on first awakening, Modeh Ani, which expresses gratitude to G-d for returning one’s soul on awakening each morning. Mendel asked everyone in attendance for a “birthday present”: to say Modeh Ani with concentration each day. Many guests, inspired, began doing this the very next day onward.

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