Sunday, September 27, 2015

R' Yom-Tov Ehrlich Medley - Freilach Instrumental

Here's a beautiful medley containing old classics and most popular hits by R' Yom-Tov Ehrlich Z'L that many of us grew up listening to. Freilach band carefully picked out his most exciting songs that will certainly give the listener a good time. Enjoy!

Musicians featured in this video:
Avrumi Schreiber - Drums
Mendy Hershkowitz - Keyboard
Nachman Dreyer - Guitar
Shlome Spielman - Bass
Cliff Lyons - Tenor Saxophone
Shlomi Cohen - Alto Saxophone
Sam Hoyte - Trumpet
Mike Fahie - Trombone

Video: Motty Engel
Mix & Edit: Mendy Hershkowitz

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Anonymous said...

more like "yidish gems" than "yom tov Ehrlich