Monday, July 13, 2015

Video Captures Whale Magical Rainbow

Witnessing a whale breach is lucky enough, but one person captured a once-a-lifetime moment on film of a large sea mammal performing a little magic with light. While sailing with off the coast of Newport Beach, California, this footage was captured of a humpback whale blowing rainbows from its blowhole with an aerial camera.

The allusion worthy of a fairy tale is created by the whale’s water spray passing through the sun’s rays which reflect a spectrum of light—but the scientific explanation isn’t as exciting as imagining a magical whale living under the sea.

From the author: "Myself and 2 friends brought along some drones to get some cool shots of nature from above on my boat. We never thought we'd encounter a magical humpback that can shoot rainbows from it's head! We were equally amazed we could hear the mystical rainbow sound over the noise of the drone and ocean. ;) OK, it's possible we added the sound but the video is straight from the drone. RIP to my friend Jason's drone that never made it back. The look on a man's face when his 3k drone sinks like a rock is not good."

Filmed on July 5, 2015.

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