Monday, July 13, 2015

Summer Camp 2015 Video Collection Part 2

Click Here for  Summer Camp 2015 Video Collection Part 1

Camp Yeka - Over 120 Children from 15 different cities and villages from across Ukraine have joined Camp Yek, many of them hailing from Jewish orphanages. A group of dedicated volunteer staff from all across the western hemisphere raised the cost of their flight and the funds to make camp a reality for these children.

Camp Bonim 2015 Recap of first two weeks - Video by Naftoli Goldgrab. Editing by Shulim Goldring.

CTeen Amsterdam 5775

YSP Morristown Gemora Baal Peh Prizes

YSP Morristown - Week In Review 2 5775

YSP Week In Review 3 5775

Week 3 at Camp Bonim 2015 - Horses, Motorboat, Night Sports..

Week 1 CGI Detroit

Week 2 CGI Detroit

Kaylie Boys 2015: Bum Bum Music Video

Kaylie Boys 2015: Moshiach Music Video

Week 2 at Camp Bonim 2015 - Challah, Bowling, Magi

YSP Morristown - Breaking the fast - really fast

I'm a Zoniac - TheZone Music Channel - TheZone provides the greatest Jewish Summer Camp experience that Oorah has to offer.
"I'm a Zoniac" is what some may call the "National Anthem" of The Zone Camp.

Camp Kaylie 2015 : Kaylie Kids Boys - Kaylie Kids is a 3 day trial program for Camp Kaylie. Kids joined us in camp for a taste of what it is like to be a camper and they loved it! Check out this video to see what they experienced while in camp.

Kaylie Boys 2015: Week #3

Camp Gevaldig: Week 3 Highlights

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