Friday, July 03, 2015

Summer Camp 2015 Video Collection Part 1

Kaylie Boys 2015: Eitan Katz Concert - Eitan Katz Melava Malka on the first Motzei Shabbos of Summer 2015.

YSP Morristown Skating, Laser Tag & Arcades

Camp Bonim 2015 Kickoff! Week 1 - Music by Yaakov Shwekey (Kolot), Video by Naftoli Goldgrab ,Edited by Shulim Goldring.

Niklesburg Rebbe BP singing and delivering a speech to the children of Kresna camp

Davening Mania CGI Florida - "A new program has arrived at CGI! Daven and receive awesome stuff!"

Home in the Zone - TheZone provides the greatest Jewish Summer Camp experience that Oorah has to offer. "Home in The Zone" is our year-round theme song as we constantly look forward to be back "home" for a summer trip, or a Shabbazone!

CGI NY 5775 - Theme Song - 60 Years - Written by Shmoozel Leemanov (Shmuli Zalmanov)  T.T.T.O. Bonei Yerushalayim - Shloime Gertner.

YSP Morristown - Chabad of Port Washington & Bounce - Video By Shneur Eichorn.

YSP Morristown - Week In Review 1 5775

YSP 5775 First Day

YSP Rabbi Sholom Spalter talks to the Talmidim

YSP Yud Beis Tammuz

Camp Kaylie - Opening Night Video, With introductions of all Head Staff Members

Camp Kaylie Week 1 Video - Although this was a short week at Camp Kaylie, it was still filled with amazing Ruach and lots of fun. From camper arrival to amazing night activities, to all the daily fun, you can see the campers had an amazing first few days in camp!

Camp Kaylie Week #2 -  What a week we just experienced at Camp Kaylie! Starting off with an Eitan Katz concert to Trip Day to Kaylie Football Leugue! Week #2 is a week we will never forget!

How camp began for the 60th time - Camp Gan Yisroel Parksville, NY.

Night Activity - CGI NY 5775 - Follow Night Activity Director Shmoozel Leemanov (Shmuli Zalmanov) as he searches for a place to sleep.

CGI Hallandale 5775

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