Sunday, July 05, 2015

Base Jumper Flies Through Two Meter Mountain Gap

Wingsuit pilot Uli Emanuele, who might be the craziest person on Earth, flew through a two-meter gap in a mountain in Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland. Emanuele simply hiked up a mountain, jumped off a cliff and steered himself toward nearly certain death to create the most exhilarating GoPro video we’ve ever seen.

With only two meters separating him from being crushed by the mountain face, one daredevil put his life on the line for a chance to achieve a daring stunt dreamed up three years ago.

Wearing a body camera, the remarkable footage shows Uli Emanuele, a professional base jumper wing suit pilot, soaring through the sky and passing through a mountain hole just two meters wide.

The video opens with an enthusiastic Emanuele hiking up to a rugged mountain, situated in Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland. Pulling on his blue wing suit, the daredevil adjusts his goggles before taking time to check over his kit for one final time before the jump. With one big leap, Emanuele jumps off the edge of the mountain side and immediately the scale of his ambitious stunt becomes apparent as the small hole comes into site.

The wing suit immediately kicks into action and the spectacular views of the valley emerges.

Making a slight turn, the daredevil lines himself up for a near impossible flight through the cave and in a flash, he soars through the mini hole. Several different angles are shown of the daredevil making the fiendish stunt. One slow motion sequence shot shows how close the daredevil came to crashing into the rock face. Swooping over the lush green mountain side, the jubilant daredevil celebrates his remarkable stunt. Releasing his parachute, Emanuele lands safety in the grass, near an wooden hut.

Despite the adrenaline filled achievement, the relaxed daredevil is even seen at the end taking time to talk to several alpacas. The remarkable stunt was successfully carried out in September 2014, with the footage only emerging recently on to social media.

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