Monday, June 01, 2015

Freilach ft. Greenfeld & Zemiros - Amar Rabbi Elazar

Music of today is upbeat and great, however classics of yesteryear are timeless. One such song is Amar Rabbi Elazar written by the prolific Yossi Green, originally recorded by powerhouse voice DEDI on his third album V'ohavto. Not only did the song have a myriad of moving parts vocally, but the original arrangement by the maestro Mona Rosenblum was a symphony of sound to thrill the scenes.

Freilach band, which is known for their one of a kind productions, executed this amazing song recently at a wedding. Featuring arrangements by Freilach's very own Mendy Hershkowitz (coming off the acclaim of Eli Beer's debut album) and the soulful blend of the voices of the Zemiros Group, topped by the masterful performance of Yoely Greenfeld.

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