Thursday, March 12, 2015

Zimra Choir - Halelukah - Arranged by Dudi Kalish

The Zimra Choir, lead by Isumer Orgel - based in Montreal Canada - proudly presents the amazing musical piece "Halelukah" from the legendary Cantor Yossele Rosenblatt - Originally composed in 1924 and often performed by famous cantors, - presented live with a rich & fresh musical color and rhythm, written & conducted by the great talented arranger Dudi Kalish, From Israel. at the annual Yaldei Event In Crown Plaza Hotel in Montreal

Choir: Isumer Orgel, Cheskie Fisch, Yoel Hersh Mendlowitz, Motty Rosenfeld, Anchy Ekstein, Berish Weiser, David Klein,

Boys Choir: Shia Heshil Shpira, Shulem Fogel, Pini Klein, Schmiel S, Elzer Chaim S, Shimon W, Simche Binem Wider, Moshe Arye Hoffman,

Music: Sheorim Orchestra
Featured: Yosef Weberman
Arranged & Conducted: Dudi Kalish
Mixed & Edit: Cheskie Fisch, Dynamic Studio
Video: Neuman Media Studios

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