Thursday, March 05, 2015

What Can King Achashverosh Teach You?

Why does the Megillah describe the extravagance of Achashveirosh’s feast in such great detail, which is irrelevant to the miracles or themes of Purim?

We must learn from Achashveirosh: Someone who spent 180 days partying and drinking, and then feasted for another seven days with decadent indulgence obviously had his priorities wrong, but he used his every resource and all his might. How much more-so must a Jew fulfill his priority – his G-d given mission – to his utmost, drawing on every talent, ability and resource G-d has granted him.

We cannot be satisfied by equaling or even surpassing the achievements of another person; we must achieve our own maximum potential, and even beyond. Only by providing others with a spiritual “banquet” worthy of our own “means” do we fulfill our obligation to G-d, to the Jewish people and to the world.

14 Adar II, 5733 - March 18, 1973

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