Thursday, February 19, 2015

What is Mendy Pellin up to?

Soul II Soul is excited to announce that Mendy Pellin is joining the cast of Soul II Soul 5775.

Jebellish Live will bring the humor from the popular online show directly to the stage.

Mendy has been making audiences howl with laughter for years and was a member of the Soul II Soul cast on screen and as a judge for a Jewish Star.

"If my mother finds out that you did not come to the show, I can't even imagine what she will do, please think of the future generations and buy a ticket," said Mendy.

The Soul to Soul concert will take place this Sunday February 22, 2015- 3 Adar 5775, 7:00 PM at Brooklyn School of Music, 883 Classon Avenue.

Starring singing stars Benny Friedman, Chaim Yisrael and a special guest appearance by comedian Mendy Pellin with a Live Jewbellish show. Tickets at

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