Thursday, February 19, 2015

Niagara Falls Freezes Over

Extreme winter weather has been causing problems for millions across the East Coast, but it has also made for some beautiful sights. Among those beautiful sights is Niagara Falls, which has now frozen over due to temperatures which dropped to 16F on Wednesday.

And it looks like the popular tourist destination may stay frozen, as temperatures are expected to drop even lower come Thursday.

The attention the Falls is receiving is bringing a crowd to view them in their majestic, winter splendor! Yet another arctic blast is set to strike the central and eastern United States on Thursday bringing sub-zero temperatures to many parts.

In fact, almost the entire East Coast, including parts of Florida, will reach below freezing temperatures on Thursday night. In New York City, temperatures will stay in the teens all day Thursday and by nightfall will be in the single digits and possibly even below 0, making it the coldest it has gotten in the city during this already brutal winter. The cold weather will also bring with it high winds, this time some reaching 40 mph in areas.

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