Sunday, February 08, 2015

Train Plows Through Blizzard Snow

A New Brunswick, Canada man captured video of a train challenging the deep post-blizzard snow and plowing victoriously through a high roadside snow bank.

Darren Gordon said he set up his camera on a tripod near the tracks Tuesday in Salisbury when his radio scanner alerted him to the oncoming train and he was able to record the vehicle pushing its way through so much snow that it repeatedly disappeared in white clouds.

The train's final push through the roadside snowbank left Gordon and his camera covered in snow.

"I was thinking...'I'm going to get a little snow shower here,'" Gordon told Global News. "But me and the camera survived."

Gordon said the snow was deep at the time of the train's passing as a result of New Brunswick being hit with more than 40 inches of snow during the previous two weeks.

The train, which Gordon identified as Canadian National Railway locomotive 2304 (ES44DC), was built in 2008.

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