Sunday, February 08, 2015

Isaac Honig & Yedidim - Adon Hakol

The Yedidim Choir with Isaac Honig singing 'Adon Hakol' at a wedding in The Atrium - Monsey.

Music production is done by the Great Avrumi Berko & Brass Section.
Trombone: Dani Flam
Guitar: Zishe Glauber
Violin: Stanislov

Shmily Spira
Yoel Hersh Fuchs
Leiby Wieder
Shaya Ilowitz
Yanky Orlansky

Sound: Yossi Rosenberg

This song was composed by Yossi Green to the words written by the R' Elozor Azkeri the Mechaber of the Sefer Chareidim. First recorded on his Album Adon Hakol in 1998

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