Monday, February 16, 2015

Rally For Release Of Yeshiva Students From Prison

Thousands of haredi men and women took to the streets of Jerusalem Monday night to celebrate the release of four yeshiva students from military prison.

They staged the celebration for the yeshiva students who were arrested for refusing to report to IDF enlistment offices when called to do so.

Yeshiva students sang and danced while joyful Jewish music blared out from massive speakers along the length of the route down which the participants marched.  The rally was approved by the Jerusalem Police and large sections of Bar Ilan street and other thoroughfares were closed to traffic.

Rallies staged by the Jerusalem Faction frequently turn violent at the close but there was no violence by time of press.  The four boys who were feted at the rally, Naftali Rishi, Eliyahu Goldberg, Haim David Halva and Shlomo Zalman Miller were arrested by military police last month.

They are all associated with the Jerusalem Faction which is headed by Rabbi Shmuel Auerbach, a haredi leader who opposes any cooperation with the government over the issue of haredi enlistment to the army.  Rabbi Auerbach has instructed yeshiva students associated with his faction not to present themselves for preliminary procedures at IDF enlistment offices, even though this renders them liable to arrest by military police for draft evasion.

Bar Ilan & Yechezkel Streets Closed for Celebration Of Release of Talmidim from IDF Jail

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