Thursday, February 05, 2015

Judge Rules Home Can Be Used as Synagogue

A judge on Wednesday morning ruled in a case that pitted a Dallas house of worship against a neighborhood’s homeowners association. The legal battle has been brewing for more than a year, and it ended with a ruling in favor of Congregation Toras Chaim of Dallas.

The issue first started in 2013 when the homeowners association of Highlands at McKamy in far north Dallas took legal action against the synagogue. Orthodox Jewish members of the congregation worshiped daily at a private home in the neighborhood.

Homeowners said that this violated neighborhood rules.

Attorneys for the synagogue argued on Wednesday that the case should be dismissed, citing both federal and state laws which permit religious freedom. The judge ruled in their favor, throwing out the case.

Schneider said that he likes his neighbors, but wishes that they would find a different location for worship. He is not yet sure if he will file an appeal.

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