Thursday, February 06, 2014

Dallas Man Suing Rabbi Neighbor Over Synagogue

A homeowner is suing his neighbor, a rabbi, claiming the rabbi is violating the homeowner's association rules and lowering property values.

The rabbi says his 3,700 square foot home in a far North Dallas neighborhood near Frankford and Hillcrest roads is a synagogue. David Schneider, who lives in the home across the street from the synagogue, says in the suit that he "seeks from defendants $50,000 in compensatory damages due to decline in the value of Schneider's home, as caused by defendants."

Rich says there are services at the house every day, twice a day -- one in the morning and one in the evening. "We just want to have our religious freedom to be able to pray and to study in this house," said Rich. On Saturday, the Sabbath Day, his members walk to the home. Rich says they've tried not to park in front of driveways, and he encourages members to walk instead.

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