Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Footprints In Snow Lead Shomrim To Suspect In Flatbush

This is one cold case police in Brooklyn were happy about.

The neighborhood watch group, Flatbush Shomrim, received a call about two people trying to break into cars last week Tuesday morning.

When members of the group got to the scene the suspects were gone, but they had left behind a trail of footprints in the snow, the group’s executive coordinator Robert Moskowitz said.

“It was very easy to follow them,” Moskowitz said. “These guys were not rocket scientists.”

One set of footprints disappeared into an apartment building and “we lost him,” but the other set kept going, Moskowitz said.

The snow prints ended at the corner of Bedford and Avenue I. The suspect was easy to track down, because his footprints were the only ones in the fresh, newly-fallen snow.

“He was going in and out of driveways and sure enough, in one of the driveways, he entered a car,” Moskowitz said.

Shomrim called police, who arrested 20-year-old Terrel St. John.

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