Monday, December 29, 2014

Michoel Pruzansky - Simchat Chatanim - Music Video

Michoel Pruzansky- Simchat Chatanim
Song composed by Yitzy Waldner
Video Produced by T and M Productions
Edited by Moshe Finkelstein
Script Written by Michoel Pruzansky & Yonah Laster
Filmed by Moshe Bree & Moshe Finkelstein
Directed By DiVine Productions-Cd Eichler, Dovi Ziffer, Yonah Laster
Lyrics by Yanky Glazerson, Chilu Posen, Miriam Israeli
Arranged by-Shai Barak
BackGround Vocals-Yochanan Shapiro & Avrumi Briskman
Choirs: Yochanan Shapiro and Avrumi Briskman

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very nice so much stuff goin on