Monday, December 29, 2014

Bochur Miraculously Walks Away From Crash in CH

CH.Info - A Jewish teenager is lucky to be alive after he was struck by a pickup truck while attempting to cross Empire Boulevard. The force of the collision sent him flying over 10 feet. The entire incident was captured on surveillance video.

The crash occurred at around 4:50pm at the intersection of Empire Boulevard and Albany Avenue.

Witnesses said that they saw two people attempting to cross the street when a pickup truck came over the hill and struck one of them, launching him some 10 feet into the middle of the intersection.

Surveillance video from Stan’s Dry Cleaners revealed just how lucky the victim is. Walking with his brother, the victim attempted to cross Empire against a red light and did not notice the traffic coming from the other side. He successfully crossed half of Empire only to be struck by the pickup truck, his brother was nearly struck as well.

Hatzalah was called and responded within mere moments, treating the victim for an injury he sustained to his leg. He was then transported to Kings County Hospital for further treatment.

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