Sunday, August 31, 2014

Umein V'Umein Vol.2 - Album Preview

For the pass few years thousands have been captivated by the popular musical album “Amein V’Amein/אמן ואמן. Due to the overwhelming successful response of the album; its inspiring and beautiful lyrics as well as its powerful message, Vaad Morah Mikdash felt compelled to produce Amein V’Amein Number 2 just in time for Rosh Hashana.

Vaad Morah Mikdash’s goal is to inspire every single Jew across the globe. Through their remarkable activities such as distributing leaflets and their initial Amein V’Amein album they built awareness on the importance of answering Amein and reciting out-loud in shul -Amein YeHei Shemeih Rabba during Kaddish.

This album was produced with the sole intention to create a public awareness on the importance of Amein and Amein YeHei Shemeih Rabba. Thousands of dollars was invested to create this professional album and proceeds are towards expenses and helping Vaad Morah Mikdash continue its vital cause.

Album Preview

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