Sunday, August 31, 2014

Lipa Schmelzer Visits With Nachal Charedi Soldiers

Nahal Haredi soldiers had a surprise, singer Lipa Schmeltzer, who was in Israel for a round of concerts, chose to surprise and delight the soldiers voluntarily. Lipa visited the training base of Netzah Yehudah in the Jordan Valley, as well as Yad Lashirion in Latrun for Haredi soldiers, staying there for a series of educational sessions held in place.

Every performance, attended by dozens of hared soldiers, Lipa sang his songs, some written by him on the spot with his talent as "Gramer". Each performance was followed by a heated dance of Lipa with the haredi soldiers, who did not know him so well before.

Rabbi Tzvi Klebenao, one of the Nahal Haredi rabbis, adds that "Lipa lifted the morale, which is anyway high, to the sky. The feeling there was excited, and the dancing reminded of Simchas Torah atmosphere. Lipa has performed in the past to the soldiers, and promised to come and appear every time he is in Israel he will perform for the soldiers

Videography & Editing: Hillel Maeir
Sound Recording: Naftali Maeir
Produced by: Studios Aviz

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If that's the case. What is the outrage with all this ongoing anti draft protest