Sunday, August 03, 2014

Latest Videos from the IDF August 3

IDF Forces Expose Tunnel, Destroy Booby-Trapped Building - On August 1, 2014, IDF paratroopers exposed a terror tunnel and detonated a Gazan building rigged with explosives.

Israel Air Force Strikes Terror Tunnel - On August 1, 2014, the Israel Air Force targeted a terror tunnel in the Gaza Strip.

IDF Forces Detonate Tunnels in Gaza - On August 1, 2014, IDF forces from the Nahal Brigade and Engineering Corps detonated these tunnels in the northern Gaza Strip as a part of Operation Protective Edge.

Hamas Official Praises Palestinians in Gaza for Sacrificing Themselves - Hamas official, Ismail Radwan, praises Palestinians in Gaza for sacrificing woman, children and elderly. He congratulates them for "re-drawing the map of the homeland with your blood and body parts".

Inside a Hamas Terror Tunnel - IDF forces scan one of many Hamas tunnels used for attacking Israel. Since the start of Operation Protective Edge, the IDF has uncovered and destroyed dozens of Hamas tunnels.

IDF Paratroopers Expose Weapons and Tunnel Openings - IDF paratroopers exposed another Hamas tunnel. Additionally, they discovered a large weapons cache in the home of a Hamas operative.

IDF Soldiers Welcome Shabbat in the Middle of Combat - IDF Soldiers say the Shabbat prayers in the middle of combat while operating in Gaza.
Beit Hanoun, Gaza, Friday July 26

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