Monday, March 03, 2014

Musical Presentations at The ATIME Shas-A-Thon

Yaakov Shwekey, Shloime Taussig, Levi Falkowitz, and Yisroel Williger along with The Shira Choir, sing, entertain and inspire the crowd at the ATIME Shas-A-Thon. Music by the Frielach Orcehstra. At the Ocean Place Resort in Long Branch, NJ. Sunday 16th Adar 1 5774, February 16, 2014

The "ATIME Shas-A-Thon" celebrated an event where the entire Shas was stutied in one day, under one roof, by a group 274 Lomdim. In the months preceding the Siyum a unique group 274 Lomdim prepared and studied their slot of approximately 10 Daf each. On the day of the Siyum each Lomeid reviewed their entire slot in unison under one roof. Following the Siyum an exclusive Seudas Mitzvah - Gourmet Dinner was celebrated befitting such an exceptional occasion for all the Lomdei Hashas and their spouses accompanied by a special entertaining program.

The Siyum HaShas is Lezchus for the couples to merit a Yeshuah as well as a Chizuk to the thousands of couples yearning for a child of their own. The Shas-A-Thon is also a fundraiser to help ATIME continue all of its important services.

The Shira Choir singing a brand new song "Hayom" in honor of the Siyum, followed by others songs.

Hishbati - Levy Falkowitz & The Shira Choir

Shlomo Taussig singing "Rotzoh" composed by Yossi Green and recorded by Dedi in the early 1990's

Sruli Williger sings "Av Harachaman" a song he made popular in the late 1990's

Spontaneous dancing erupted after the Siyum HaShas.

The Shira Choir - Shir Hamalos

Rav Matisyahu Salomon Shlita speaking at the Siyum

Yaakov Shwekey sings Veha'arev followed by Im Eshkochech.

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