Sunday, September 08, 2013

Kinderlach & Ohad Sing Pirchei Medley

FDD productions present a Pirchei oldies medley with the children's group The Kinderlach and Ohad Moskowitz.

Hinei Anochi composed by: Chaim Banet
Poteach Eet Yadehca composed by: Y Buk
Shema Beni composed by: Yigal Calik 
Ashira Lashem composed by: Yigal Calik 
Aanim Zmiros composed by: Avi Maslow 
Kol Berama composed by: Yossi Green 
Piano and keyboards - Gershon Frishtadt 
Drums - Avi Avidani 
Bass - Avshalom Ariel 
Guitars - Ariel Aaron 
Trumpets - Dovi Eckstein, Rafi Davidov
Trombone - Matan Mamon 
Flute - Avromie Basch 
Violins - Reuven Ben Chanan
Mixed - Eli Klein and Gershon Frishtadt
Recorded and mixed at FDD Studios

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Anonymous said...

who's there new dance instructer?