Sunday, July 21, 2013

Emotional Bar Mitzvah Boy Sing Song to Hashem

With tears running down his cheeks, an emotional 13 year old Nataniel Davush, celebrating his Bar Mitzvah, sings "Malchei" a song of thanks. Originally recorded by Israeli singer Eyal Golan.

March 18, 2013

מילים: עדי כבירי
לחן: נאור סינוואני
עיבוד: אבי גוטמן

סלח לי אבי כי חטאתי לך
מחול לי על כל פשעי
גם בימים ששכחתי אותך
היית תמיד בחיי
בכל הדרכים שהלכתי בעצם
היית לי נר לרגליי
הייתי עיוור לא ראיתי מעבר
למה שהביטו עיניי

מלך מלכי המלכים תודה על חיים
על אושר על בכי על צחוק
גם כשקשה לפעמים גם אז אלוקים
אתה לעולם לא רחוק

גם כי אלך ודרכי חשוכה
בטחתי בך אלוקיי
על חצי שני על בכור וילדה
תודה גם על אושר בלי די
תודה על חגים
על שבת ששומרת
שלא יגמר לעולם
כל יום שעובר בדרכי לגן עדן
שיוויתי אותך מול עיניי

מלך מלכי המלכים


Anonymous said...

moved me to tears!!!

Anonymous said...

so so so sweet!
very nice!!!!

Anonymous said...

He's lip singing

Anonymous said...

It's actually called lip synching.
And who cares...

Unknown said...

beautiful! Very Emotional!

Anonymous said...

I am just curious is there a story line behind the emotion. Seems the loved one behind him look down?

very heartfelt!

Anonymous said...

What with the guy behind him?
Looks like he is very cold.
It looks like the boy has the world balancing on his shoulders!!

But very nice indeed and movde me to tears!!!

kol korey said...

dear anonymous#3 are u jelous of him
b/c if u want i can give u singing lessons

Anonymous said...

This is the incredible story of Netanel Davush, who was born with a debilitating desease that took his sight. And so it was for years until shortly before his bar mitzvah when incredibly, miraculously he regained his sight. This video, taken as he enters the hall for his bar mitzvah celebration and sings “King of All Kings” by Eyal Golan. “Although I may walk and my path is dark, I trusted in you my G-d.” A truly special boy, and a truly special gift for his bar mitzvah.